The story of the great soldier  Sandeep Unnikrishnan. He lived with his parents  K. Unnikrishnan and Dhanalakshmi, Banglore. He was always interested in the Navy so he applied to join the Navy without his parent’s permission. During his secondary school, he will fall in love with a girl named Isha. His application gets rejected by the Navy. Then he decides to join the army. He gets training and becomes an NSG training officer. He gets married to Isha, but they both will have a marriage and will try to save his marriage. But he had to leave On the same day as  Pakistani terrorists arrived in Mumbai On 27 NovemberMumbai Taj Hotel was attacked by terrorists who start shooting at people.  The terrorists had installed traps with bombs.Sandeep was a training officer for the (51 SAG) Special action group. Sandeep requests commander Shera to allow him to participate in the NSG mission. They leave for Mumbai and commence operation: Operation Black Tornado. The camera in the hotel was destroyed they couldn’t discover the number of people inside the building. People were killed brutally. Sandeep tries to save many hostages and kills some terrorists. During this Sandeep gets a divorce from his wife Isha and talks to her over the phone. Whenn she was about to tell him about her miscarriage she will get to know that he is in the Taj hotel and she will be tense. A lady named Pramoda will be trapped and tries to his herself from the terrorists and she also tries to save a girl Shirley. He will get to know where she has been trapped, he as they use tear gas to distract and kill some of the terrorists and save her and the child. But he gets shot and fought until his last breath. He dies on 28th November 2008. His parents get to know about his death through the news and get shocked as they were not aware that he was not involved in the mission at the Taj Hotel. His death and sacrifice made the country proud and there was a large military funeral and a crowd of well-wishers gathered to mourn Sandeep’s passing. At a ten-year commemoration ceremony in 2018, while honoring the lives taken during the attack at the Taj Hotel. During the commemorations, Pramoda is reunited with a grown Shirley, whose life, she and Sandeep successfully saved.K. Unnikrishnan inspires by giving a speech and saying his son Sandeep Unnikrishnan should be remembered for how he lived, not for how he passed. His mom received the Ashoka Chakra on 26 January 2009.