Love Today movie is a story of today’s generation’s love. A boy Named Pradeep loves a girl, Nikitha. They both are in a relationship. Their love life goes well until Nikitha’s father asks them to swap their mobile for one day. They both agreed as they trust each other. A problem arises when they both check into each other’s mobile. Pradeep doubts Nikitha as she has lied to him many times when she was rooming with her ex-boyfriend and Boy Best Friends as she still has her old conversations with her ex-boyfriend saved onto her phone, which frustrates and leaves Pradeep suspicious about her. Pradeep confronts Nikita about this. He asks her father to extend the mobile exchange until his sister gets married. Nikita restore his WhatsApp messages that Pradeep had cleared prior to the exchange, to know about Pradeep’s true colors. Nikita will find out about his browsing history on his mobile and other second Instagram account. Pradeep meets up with her at a restaurant to try and convince her. He confronts her as her best friend interfering with their matters. They lose their trust and start fighting. Meanwhile, Pradeep’s sister is getting married to a guy who is a Doctor, but many people advise her not to marry him as he is black and fat. She accepts to get married to him but he is always busy with his phone and hides. She plans to swap the phone but he denies it and she gets to know he is hiding something from her. Likewise, she asks her brother to help, and the doctor will reveal to his brother that many people tease him and body-shame him through messages so he is trying to hide that from her so that she doesn’t feel bad or cancel the marriage. Furthermore, she listens to this conversation and tells him she likes him the way he is. Pradeep’s mom advises him to save the relationship and not to judge or doubt each other. Nikita will be framed in an MMS which goes viral and she is heartbroken. Nikitha leaves the house and Pradeep finds herself sitting lonely at the beach. She reveals she didn’t do anything and he says believes and they unite. While Pradeep’s friends track down the perpetrator of the video. Nikitha’s publicity-loving colleague morphed her face into that video for the purpose of creating a trending video and is arrested by the police. Pradeep and Nikitha go to her house and her father explains that he exchanged their phones only to see if they could be strong in their relationship in spite of the hurdles.