Unable to find employment, and unable to get any money by begging, young Kundan steals a loaf of bread from a bakery and runs to his house in the slums to feed his starving mother and niece, Radha. The police catch up with him, and he is arrested, tried in court, convicted, and sentenced to 2 years rigorous imprisonment. While in prison, he gets word that his mother is dead, and his niece is still starving and alone, and attempts to break out, but is caught and gets five years added to his sentence. He attempts to break out again, and this time he gets an additional 7 years in jail, bringing the total to 14 years. After 14 years, Kundan roams around a city, trying to find shelter and food, but finds that his prison career following him around in the shape and form of Inspector Sher Singh. Good fortune comes to Kundan, when he meets with Gurudev, a kind-hearted samaritan, who helps him financially. Kundan is well settled now, and the people in his town want him to be the Mayor, which he accepts. He also meets with his ill niece, but is unable to save her. She leaves behind a daughter named Uma. Sher Singh enters his life, and gets Kundan on the run. Kundan and Uma ultimately settle down again, and the years roll by. Uma grows up and meets a young man named Amrit, who is involved in the freedom struggle to get the British to quit India, and thus in trouble with the police. Sher Singh comes looking after for Amrit, but instead finds Kundan. Kundan must decide to make a run for it again, or confront Sher Singh and end this victimization once and for all.