Kranti Rayanna(Darshan), an NRI business magnate is called by his master Srikantaiah to attend the 100th celebration of the government school; he studied in his childhood when he returns home from Europe, but the school comes crashing down to the ground during the function. Later, Kranti learns that Salatari, a shrewd businessman, wants to privatize 12,000 government schools by issuing government order with the help of corrupt Educational Minister Vaman Rao and Narasappa, a gangster, which actually led to many student’s death and teachers losing their jobs. Due to these incidents, Kranti wages a revolution against Salatri, Vaman Rao Narasappa, where he thrashes Narasappa’s son Nanjappa, and forcefully closes the private schools in order to seek attention from the Chief Minister, who later holds a meeting with Kranti. At the meeting, Kranti makes an eye-opening speech about the necessity for government schools to provide free education in order to remove the parents’ burden. The Chief Minister is convinced and issues orders to renovate government schools and not to privatize them. Later, Vaman Rao resigns himself from his position, while Salatri is arrested.