Moti comes from a poor family, and lives in a modest apartment with his widowed mother, and an unmarried sister, Shyama. He meets with a beautiful young woman named Ganga, and soon both fall in love with each other. He brings Ganga home to meet his mother and sister, and they welcome her to their dwelling. After a few days, a group of armed men forcibly enter Moti’s house, and attempt to abduct Ganga. When Moti’s mom intervenes, and asks the men to leave them alone, the men tell her that Ganga is a runaway prostitute, and they want her back. Moti’s mom at horrified at having a woman with such a reputation live in her house, and lets the men take her away. When Moti returns, he is angered at not finding Ganga there, and sets out to try and find her. But will he able to rescue her before Ganga is forced into prostitution, or before she takes her own life rather than be forced to live in this manner.