It is a story about Kuldeep  Saini (Kukko)and Naina Sharma who were in love since childhood. They get married and settle down in Canada. Naina holds a white-collar position in a reputable company and Kukoo works as a bouncer in a nightclub. It’s been five years since they got married. But due to the issue in their marriage, they both filed for a divorce. Naina gets an opportunity to work in New york. They both travel to Patiala to attend the wedding of Kukoo’s sister Ginny. They decide to pretend to  like a happy couple in front of their parents until the wedding is over r. Ginny is still loving her boyfriend Gaurav instead but she is getting married to  Baljeet, her fiance. Later Naina convinces Kukko to reveal their divorce to his parents. Before revealing this to his father Bheem, Kukko learns that his father is having an affair with his 12nd-grade Mathematics teacher Meera. One fine day Naina and Kukko will reveal about their divorce to his mother Geeta and due to the conflicts, he will also reveal his father’s affair. Bheem gets an attack and pretends to have a serious issue. Geeta is shocked knowing that her husband is not happy with her she plans to meet his girlfriend Meera and she decides to leave her husband. Geeta reveals his habits and diseases. Meera will realize she can never take care of him like Geeta. Bheem leaves his house and plans to meet Meera as he thought he will move with her Meera leaves Bheem.  He spends the night on the streets. Kukko finds him and takes him to his house. He requests his mother to forgive him. Geeta forgives him and ginny plans a wedding for her parents. During the wedding, Kukko and his Best friend Gurpreet plan to call Meera to make her jealous without knowing the truth. Meera reveals that she kicked him out as they thought that Bheem kicked her out in favor of his wife. Kukko fumes in anger as he is drunk and stops the wedding ritual he reveals about his father. Geeta decides to file for divorce,  this causing Ginny to reveal that she, too, fears that her marriage would fail as she loves someone else. Eventually, when they file for divorce, Bheem and Geeta are assigned a six-month probation period and aim to move on. Kukoo realizes and apologizes to Naina, promising unconditional support. Seeing the genuineness and madness in his apology, she reconciles with him; Bheem and Geeta decide to give it a second chance as well. Ginny canceled her wedding as she loves Gaurav and after  Two weeks  Kukoo and Naina leave for New york Bheem hoping to win Geeta back during the probation period.