Raja Zangoora’s Sipersala, Bhanupratap, gets slapped by the Choudhry’s daughter, Durga, who also admonishes him to try and stop him from oppressing her fellow villagers. This incident changes his outlook and he stops collecting revenues, and ends up in the bad books of tyrannical Zangoora. Bhanupratap leaves and goes to live amongst the villagers after rescuing Durga from a bull, and befriending Mangal, a feisty villager who lives with his widowed mother. Durga and Bhanupratap both fall in love – unaware that the Choudhry has already made a commitment with Mangal’s mother to get the duo married soon. With an enraged Zangoora bent on teaching Bhanupratap a lesson – watch what happens when an angry Mangal is told that the former is seen often in the company of his future wife.