The story starts with a girl named Vaishali who will be getting ready to meet a guy for a marriage proposal. She gets an emergency call and she turned out to be the assistant superintendent of police.  She leaves the place and reaches the spot where a pregnant woman has been by attacked  2 guys. Vaishali tries to negotiate and enter the house. She advises The police not to shoot. They shoot one guy and another guy kills the pregnant woman. Later she gets disturbed and leaves her Job. She was then forced to deal with unknown kidnapper  Godse who holds some high-profile personalities as hostages. She tries to find out  Why did he kidnap them, what are his demands, and what does he want to achieve? She sits in front of a computer monitor, surrounded by high-ranking government, police, and security officials without knowing what is happening. Godse demands her to bring the minister there. She fulfills his demands. He reveals ministers are not illegally having many properties. She gets to know something is not correct. She finds the information of Godse. She finds out that he is a businessman in London named Vishwanath Ramchandran. Later he reveals he is the husband of the girl who she couldn’t save during the attack and it was all planned. He shares his story and reveals that Many other Bussiness Men from their country had offered him to invest in their country than in London but he rejected the offer. During the school reunion, his friend who wanted to be a scientist and was working as a painter in construction commits suicide. By seeing this Godse tries to help his unemployed friend. He transfers to India and he accepts the minister’s offer. He convinces them that they will help the people who are unemployed. He starts his project and invests in it. Later the minister asks them to elaborate and join hands with and invest in cement factories for their growth. They find it out they are suitcase companies that appear only in newspapers and the internet. He denies it. He gets a notice from him that his project should be stopped and they burn the building. Godse asks CM to help and get to know he is also into this. He tries to hack his system and get information about the illegal things he has done so far, But Godse and his friends were attacked and killed in an accident. He reaches his home and finds out his wife has been murdered. He gets shattered and plans this way to reach people and get justice. By hearing this story Vaishali tries to help him and get justice. Godse keeps a bomb with himself and reaches CM’s office and he dies with them. In the end, Vaishali gets proof against the minister and shows the proof to the Governor, and requests him justice.