The True story of an young women  named Ganga Jagjivandas Kathiawad who aspired to become an actress. She shares her story to a girl named Madhu who was forced to be a prostiute ,she is tortured by brothel madame Rashmibai. Ganga  belongs to  a barrister family and she eloped with her boyfriend at the age of 16,to Mumbai  to become an actress.Her boyfriend  will sell  her for 1000 rs to a brothel owned by Sheela Masi in in Kamathipura She was  forced her to start prostiution.She later changes her name to Gangu.She befriends a woman named Kamli. A man named Shaukat Abbas Khan visits the brothel and attacks Gangu. She seeks help from the mafia leader  Rahim Lala for justice, and he becomes saves her like a brother.When Sheela Masi dies Gangu becomes the madame of her brothel and she renames herself Gangubai, and goes on to become a powerful political figure.After listening to this story Gangu frees Madhu her from the brothel and sends her home safely.Gangu falls in love with the tailor, Afsaan Razzaq who also loves her. But she denies to marry him as she is a sex worker and she makes him get marred to Roshni, daughter of a fellow prostitute Kusum to save Roshni from prostitution.She stands against Razia for Kamathipura presidential elections against Razia and wins after showing movies during Razia’s speech to draw people away.She calls her family after 12 years and gest to know her dad is no more,her mom disconnects her call as she hasn’t forgiven her.She fights for the women rights and she wanted her children in the brothel must be educated.The secretary wishes to build skyscrapers in the neighbourhood with the support of a school which accuses Kamathipura of being a site of immorality. Rahim Lala rejects the secretary’s deal and warns Gangubai to prepare to be sued and brought to court.She walks into a meeting with a journalist and school principal where there she offers five years’ fees for all 8 girls and states that children from a brothel deserve an education. The girls are enrolled in front of the journalist, Mr. Faizi. The children were thrown out of the school on their first day. Kamli suffers an intense illness after giving birth and dies. Gangubai takes responsbility of  Kamli’s child, Pammi. Mr. Faizi prepares a speech on education for prostitutes for Gangubai to read at a rally, but she does not follow the script. She asks the audience why prostitutes have been always disrespected and discriminated when they do not discriminate when providing services. and also adds that she will fight for prostitutes’ children to receive an education and for prostitutes to be given respect in society. After her speech goes viral, Gangubai receives Mr. Faizi and a local politician in her brothel. The politician asks for her votes and informs her that the school which wants her brothel vacated has submitted a petition to the Supreme Court. Gangubai prepares a trip to New Delhi to meet with the Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Gangubai asks the Prime Minister to legalize prostitution, but he refuses. After discussion, the Prime Minister eventually agrees to set up a committee on the matter. He also agrees to block the brothel and Kamathipura from being vacated. While prostitution was not legalized, Kamathipura celebrates its continued existence thanks to Gangubai Kathiawadi.