Unemployed Ramesh Kulkarni resides in ‘Bombay’s slums’ with his family consisting of his school-master father Vinayak, a younger college-goer brother Satish and his sister Pinky. Ramesh cannot stand injustice in any form so much that when the slums are made targets by gangsters he decides to oppose this by seriously beating them. One of the gang leaders affected by Ramesh’s behavior is the notorious Kanta who in retaliation decides that he will get rid of Ramesh by organizing religious riots; during the course of the riot Ramesh is seriously killed, his sister Pinky is sexually molest by a corrupt police commissioner and Minster which made her pregnant resulting in her committing suicide while Vinayak falls to a drastic death. This prompts Satish to take a stand by joining hands with one of Kanta’s enemy Karanjia on whose instructions he goes about a killing rampage on all those who involve in the destruction of his family. But what Satish is unaware of is that Karanjia is using him as a pawn so that he can become the owner of ‘Bombay slums’ to construct a 5 star hotel – at any cost.