Meena Kumari wakes up thinking she is Radha. Everyone around her, Subodh Rai, daughter Nalini, friends, and society believe she is Nanda. 16 years before, the date of the film, SS Fort Stikine exploded in Mazgaon, Bombay bringing destruction, and due to the World War II censorship, not much detail was generally available. Casualty figures vary, but the explosion was of such intensity that it was recorded in Simla – about 2000 kms away. Fact and fiction come together in a dramatic way. Nanda and Radha are two sisters, living with their wealthy parents near Mazgaon Docks. Nanda is married to Subodh Rai from Darjeeling and has a daughter, Nalini. This family is affected by the blast. Rajesh Khanna (Dharmendra) a psychiatrist takes on the case of Meena Kumari. Every bit of evidence points to Meena Kumari’s instability. Her attempts to prove that she is Radha and not Nanda turn out to be futile. Is Meena Kumari Nanda or Radha? Is she insane or being driven insane? Can she prove who she is? Nanda or Radha? An interesting aside is that the planes used by Indian Airlines are Sud Aviation Caravelle, an MG and possibly either a Woolsley or possibly a Daimler are featured. There are a few Ambassadors and a couple of Fiats. The million dollar question is whether Meena Kumari is Radha or Nanda? Yakub Rizvi takes us through Meena Kumari’s journey of self discovery. It is only in the last few minutes of the film that Meena Kumari, and the people around her come to terms with her identity.