Shankar and his wife, Kamla, live in a small bungalow in Madras, India, with his only daughter, Kokila, and a maidservant, Manga. Since he is an Engineer with his firm, he has to travel frequently. Kamla’s suffers a mild stroke and has been medically advised to take it easy. Shankar is now worried about his family just in case something happens, when he is out of town. So he asks some friends to find a male tenant, who will be able to look after the household in case of an emergency. This is how he gets to meet Sathyamoorthy, approves of him, and rents him the room. After Sathyamoorthy moves in, Shankar has to go out of town. Sathyamoorthy gets to meet Kokila and falls in love with her, she too is attracted to him. Quite unknown to Sathyamoorthy and Kokila, Manga has developed an attraction to him as well. Sathyamoorthy likes both Kokila and Manga – Kokila because she is so attractive, and Manga who is attractive and whose cooking reminds him of his mother. Sathyamoorthy must now make a choice between these two women. Who will he chose, and whose heart will be broken?