Anita lives an abusive life-style with her alcoholic uncle in Kashmir, India who in lieu of money and alcohol attempts to sell her. Fortunately she manages to escape in time only to board a jeep with Nagraj and three of his colleagues who attempt to sexually molest her; when the jeep reaches Srinagar, her call for help gets notice by an employee who works at a near-by gas station, Kishen who manages to rescue her by overpowering Nagraj and his men. Kishen then takes Anita to his house where both fall in love with each other and they get intimate which results in Anita getting pregnant. Before she can give birth; Nagraj closes in on Kishen by raping his sister, Reshmi and in retaliation Kishen attacks but Nagraj manages to abscond not before setting fire to the gas station where Kishen is employed. Bearing witness to this Anita attempts suicide only to be rescued by a police officer, Ranjit Malik – who she marry and who gives her the privilege to give birth to Kishen’s child whose name is Vikrant alias Vicky. Years later Kishen is still alive and turns Bombay’s most dread gangster, King whose only motive in life is the destruction of Nagraj and his unlawful businesses. Meanwhile Vicky saves the life of a young woman, Sonam from a stalker, Prem Raj and both is in love with each other; Vicky later on takes an enrollment into the police force. While on the other hand Ranjit have been promoted to DSP and his first task involves bringing King to justice.