Shekhar, Lata and their child, Shashi, live in a small town, and have just received news that he is going to be transferred to Bombay. The couple leave Shashi with their maid and attend a party but return home to find the building in flames. Lata rescues Shashi but perishes due to numerous burns. A sorrowful Shekhar leaves his daughter with her maternal grandparents and re-locates to Bombay where he rents a room from parsimonious Radhakishen. After thwarting attempts by the later to marry his senile sister, Yashodhara, he falls in love with wealthy Usha, and the duo subsequently get married. After a short span of harmony, the duo face challenges when she finds out that he had never told her about Lata and Shashi, and leaves him. The question remains: How will Shekhar deal with this separation?