A story of a dog and a man called Dharma. Dharma lost his family in his childhood and he lives alone. A dog comes into his life and changes everything. A puppy escapes from the house of a breeder where many dogs have been caged and tortured. He escapes and reaches the colony where Dharma resides. Dharma is someone who doesn’t socialize much. One day the puppy meets an accident and Dharma takes the dog to the hospital. The doctor tells him to take care, but Dharma refuses to take it as he is not the owner. The doctor says to take care until he finds someone for dog adoption. He hides the dog in his house as dogs were not allowed in his colony. The dog tortures him a lot. One day he fainted as he smokes the dog helped and takes him to the hospital. This releases him and the bond between the dog makes more strong. He names the dog Charlie and takes care of the dog with a child in the colony named Adrika. One day the dog will be unconscious and taken to the dog doctor then Dharma will get to know that charlie has cancer( Hemangiosarcoma of the spleen). The genetic defect has happened due to the breeder’s unwanted breeding techniques and constant torture as Charlie is a female dog. Dharma tries to fulfill the dog’s wishes. The dog likes snow so he goes to Himachal Pradesh. During this journey, he will get to know about the breeder so he will teach him a lesson and inform the police. The rest of the dogs get rescued by the animal welfare team. Through a dog license expert Devika, Dharma meets Karshan Roy, who promises to publish his story in the magazine.¬† He also goes paragliding with Charlie and they both enjoy it. Dharma and Charlie leave for Punjab where they meet a dog lover named Vamshi Singh and his dog Blacky, where Dharma and Charlie spent a few days with Vamshi, Vamshi provides a dog competition pass to watch, but they become contestants where Charlie does a long jump, supported by Dharma and wins the competition. Dharma and charlie will be suffering from hunger and shelter as there will be a shortage of money. In this situation, he will get to know ¬†Charlie was pregnant with Blacky’s child, but the puppies couldn’t survive. He continues his journey as their no time left for Charlie. On the way, there will be a landslide and he was not allowed to go further. But without anyone’s knowledge, they both go and enjoy the snow and fulfill his wish. They both return back to the camp. , Charlie goes missing and Dharma leaves in search of Charlie. After a long search, he finds her at a place temple waiting for him, she sits on his lap, then thanks him with her gesture and dies in Dharma’s arms. Dharma will be heartbroken and finds a puppy inside the temple and realizes that Charlie gifted the puppy to him as she knows that Dharma cannot survive without her. He later opens an animal rescue and shelter in the memory of Charlie. Dharma sitting next to Charlie’s memorial goes through the article published about the journey of Charlie and Dharma”A Tale of Dharma and charlie in Kaliyug” Charlie’s puppy also named Charlie is shown to be more mischievous than its mother.