The famous television star Kajal Pisal has worked with late star Sidharth Shukla in the serial “Jaane Pehchaane Se … Ye Ajnabbi.” She had just recently spoken about her experience of collaborating in profession with Sidharth on the show and also about her interaction personally with him. She revealed her sorrow at the sudden death of the star and also called him an inspiration.

Kajal said :” Sidharth was one of her favorite co-stars and had come a long way.They used to be connected very well in the work and his vibes used to get so much positivity in the sets. But as time passed they got busy in their own lives. They would occasionally greet each other. He used to be very kind and like a brother to me. Its very hard and sad to digest now and difficult to express myself, I pray for him is  to rest in peace.”

She spoke about nature of the late actor Sidharth. He was a happy go lucky kind of person. He used to enjoy his life at present and didn’t worry about the future.He used to enjoy his accomplishments and was happy in his space. He always used to live a grand life. He had a very hard working nature and used to be an inspiration for many others.

As per reports, he died because of a heart attack on September 2, 2021. The sudden demise of Sidharth in his 40s has actually left a huge void amongst his family, friends, as well as his huge fans. Its still very hard to believe the truth Sidharth is no more

On September 6th a prayer meeting has been held by his sisters. A tribute has been paid towards him. The actors mother is trying to stay strong after the passing of her only son. Sidharth is survived by his mother and his two sisters.

We pray the departed soul to rest in peace.
Times of India

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