Just recently, Tulsi made the headings after she came up with her independent track Tanhaai which was enjoyed by the audience and touched their hearts. She had actually likewise teamed up with Jubin Nautiyal for the tune Main Din Bhulaa Du which has actually gotten an enormous reaction. Tulsi likewise got the headings as she has actually turned host and RJ for the very first time for Indie Hain Hum season 2 and she can’t stop gushing about it.

While Tulsi is certainly taking pleasure in a fun time on the expert front, turning RJ for Indie Hain hum season 2 and even opened about her strategies to make an acting launching in addition to far more. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

From being a popular playback vocalist to dealing with the electronic camera in your tunes and now turning host and RJ for the very first time. How do you take a look at your journey up until now?

Of course, I’m doing playback for movies, doing a lot of independent music recently, likewise including in my music videos is a lot of enjoyable and now this entire brand-new journey, an entire brand-new chapter of turning an RJ and host for the extremely first time for Indie Hain Hum season 2. I believe it’s been an excellent chance since the program itself is a terrific effort that supplies a platform to the upcoming Indie artists and artists and bands from throughout the nation and me being that bridge in between those artists and the audiences where we bring forth the skill in front of the audiences.

What made you say yes to Indie Hain Hum season 2?

I come from a household where my dad did things solitarily and he constructed a music empire himself. In a method I feel that I am bringing his tradition forward since through the program when the program came up to me Indie Hain Hum season 2, I felt that I would get a chance to connect with skill throughout the nation and these skilled people will be provided in front of a big audience through the program and their skill will get acknowledgment.

Over an amount of time, there has actually been a development in fans of Indie music and independent artists. What’s your take on this?

Absolutely, independent music and art is getting so much love and regard and why not due to the fact that the journey of one complete, if 5 minutes, tune it’s nearly like the procedure of an entire movie due to the fact that the movie is 3 hrs and the tune is simply 5 minutes however an equivalent quantity of tough work goes into making a brand name brand-new tune and working on it right from scratch, from composing the lyrics to the music to being included in the video idea, making the video, shooting for it. I believe it actually grooms you as an independent and entire artist is typically appreciated and their music has a bigger area of audiences, a lot of radio channels are supporting it like as I stated even our program Indie Hain Hum is all about Indie music and independent artists.

Your most current single with Main Din Bhulaa Du with Jubin Nautiyal has been a hit? How do you feel about this adulation coming to your method?

Main Jis Din Bhula du was the most recent cooperation with Jubin, before this, it was Pehle Pyar Ka Pehle Ghum yet once again with Jubin Nautiyal. The tune is getting a terrific action, it is a stunning romantic hummable track that will take you back in time and make you ease the retro period of the ’80s. It’s constantly great to understand that your work is been valued and liked, whenever I do a tune my supreme objective is “logo design ko acha lagna chahiye” and individuals must enjoy the tune and link.

How was the experience dealing with Jubin?

Whenever we collaborate it’s primarily been for soft romantic numbers that click truly well with the audiences. Jubin is a terrific human being and we all understand that he is such a fantastic artist and likewise a really dear buddy of mine.

Discussing brand-new experiences, your tune Tanhaai was another various experience too in which the audience saw you in a never ever seen prior to avatar. Existed any inhibitions while attempting this category?

I understood it will either get accepted or declined however I actually desired to provide my heart and soul to this tune right from the start of the tune to completion of the lyrics and tune with Sachet-Parampara, to talking about and having the entire video principle all set. The whole video principle being my concept, I believe with this tune there were no inhibitions and I was exceptionally thrilled that individuals are going to see me in an all brand-new avatar and I am extremely pleased that they liked it and today Tanhaai is at 100 million for a total woman solo independent track to reach is these numbers are actually excellent and more than anything else when individuals state they have actually linked with the tune and feel determined and inspired after listening Tanhaai is what the substantial compliment for me.

With numerous experiences taking place, do we see you making an acting launching quickly on the cinemas?

I am delighting in a lot of love from my audiences and listeners, they are caring for me in my music videos so in a method there I get an opportunity to act as well and link with my audiences. I have actually never ever believed in doing like a complete-fledged movie however I am certainly going to continue including in my music videos since that assists me to link even much better with my fans when they see the face, due to the fact that they currently understand the voice so when they see the face along with the voice I believe it has a huger link with the fans.

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