• December 26, 1972
  • Nazreth
  • Male
  • Indian



Born as Harikrishnan ,in Katchana vilai close Nazareth in Tuticorin District, Tamil Nadu, India. His dad, Gopal Nadar, is a vessels merchant. Later his family moved to Chennai, where Hari was tutoring and had a graduate degree in Commerce. He first joined as an assistant director to director K.Balachander, Saravanan (saran) & K.Natraj. His first movie as a director was Thamizh . He is best known for action masala movies. He directed many Tamil stars such as Vikram, Suriya , Sarath Kumar & Vishal Krishna. He gave some block buster movies Ayya, Saamy ,Singam which has the 3rd sequel released on February 10 2017. Hari is married to former actress Preetha Vijayakumar, the daughter of Vijayakumar, and has a son.During the shooting for Seval, Preetha gave birth to their third son.


Movie Name Release Date
Singam 3 February 9, 2017